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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NewsSquares Final Update

We were aware that Google Feed API service has stopped working and NewsSquares will no longer be functioning. We have switched to this service when Google Reader was shut down in 2013, but unfortunately it seems the age of feeds is past us, or at least the Internet giants are not supporting it anymore. For the die hard feed users, you may need to switch to other feed readers like Feedly.

Thank you for your long-time support. It has been an honor serving your news feed reading needs. :)

*** Latest Update, the feed API is working now( 4 Dec), but as the API is already deprecated by Google, please be aware that when feed API discontinues, NewsSquares will stop functioning as well.***

Rocket-in-Bottle Team

Friday, June 14, 2013

New updates on unread counts

Thanks for using NewsSquares. We hope the transition from Google Reader is smooth for you. In this update (1.5.2), unread counts are added for normal squares. Note that this feature will be turned off for users with more feeds. To turn it on please go to the options page.

After importing your feeds to NewsSquares, please remember to check out the new management page that allows you add, remove, or label feeds easily.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Important changes in NewsSquares 1.5

Thanks for your support! As many of you may know Google Reader will be gone on July 1st.

For those of you who have no idea what Google Reader is - relax! In previous versions of NewsSquares, we have depended on Google Reader, a news service from Google, to store your preferences and readings. Google will now retire the service, so we will have to migrate your data from their servers.

In the past few months, we have made a lot of effort in making sure that NewsSquares will continue to be the news reading app we love. We have come up with this new version that retains the overall NewsSquares experience and letting go the "Reader" features.

Once you have upgraded to this version (1.5), you will be asked to migrate your subscriptions. If you have less than 60 feeds, your subscriptions will be migrated automatically (before July 1st). Otherwise, you will be asked to either import feeds from your existing account (before July 1st) or from an OPML file. Once the import is completed, your subscriptions will no longer be linked to Google Reader. It will be a good time to have a clean up of your feeds!

The overall NewsSquares experience is retained with some of the following major changes:
  • Subscriptions are stored locally at this moment. In the next version, we will enable Chrome native cloud storage.
  • A maximum of 50 items will be fetched for each feed, historical items might not be available
  • For users with multiple Reader account, please use separate Chrome profile to use NewsSquares as only one profile is supported now
  • Share/like/tag/comment actions on an item will be replaced by sharing to Google+, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Most keyboard shortcuts will work as before, while some Google Reader specific shortcut will be gone
  • Unread counts are loaded when NewsSquares is launched, the counts will be default to OFF for users with lots of feeds 

Suggestions on migration:

  • For users with substantial number of feeds (100+), we suggest you to import feeds that are most frequently visited. Use other full-feature reader replacements to handle your complete subscription list;
  • Please remember to export your Google Reader data via Google takeout at this page. The downloads contain your subscriptions in a OPML file (subscriptions.xml), which can be imported into many popular feed readers;
  • If you had multiple Reader accounts, you might need to adjust your NewsSquares settings if they are not migrated properly.
Please feel free to send us your suggestions and hope you enjoy using NewsSquares!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

About import and OPML file

An OPML file contains the URLs of the feeds in your subscriptions. Most feed readers will allow export and import of OPML file.

For Google Reader, please go to Google Takeout to export all Google Reader Data. The downloaded files contain your subscriptions in an OPML file (subscriptions.xml), which can be imported to many popular feed readers. For other reader applications, please check out their export settings on how to export your subscriptions to an OPML file.

Export your data via Google Takeout

When your OPML file is ready, please go to NewsSquares Options page. Click on the the import page link, then select the file and your subscriptions will be loaded. Please select the feeds you would like to import into NewsSquares. We suggest that you only keep your most frequently visited feeds for NewsSquares.

If you are importing before July 1st and have a Google Reader Account, please use "Import from Google Reader" or "Migrate from Previous Version" to import your subscriptions directly. There is no need to use the OPML method. Yet we still advise you to use Google Takeout to export your Reader data as backup. Hope it helps.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update on FeedSquares and Google Reader

Many users should already know that Google Reader will not be available after 1 July 2013. Due to this change, FeedSquares will no longer be available after 1 July 2013 as well.

Please consider to use our Chrome Web App NewsSquares. Though it currently syncs with Google Reader as well, an update will be made to NewsSquares in the near future. Some Google Reader specific features may have to go, but our core NewsSquares experience will remain.

For those who prefer a light and visual way to read feed and share them. NewsSquares will be your choice. If you prefer more intensive reading, with FULL existing Google Reader features, we believe there are many alternatives on the market.

If you migrate to NewsSquares now (before 1 June 2013, but we will recommend you do it much earlier) your subscriptions will be immediately available to NewsSquares. No automatic migration is possible after 1 June.

Note that, however, we cannot preserve all of your data from Google Reader, like your starred items, sharing history, notes etc. So we would strongly suggest you to use Google Takeout to export your data, e.g. subscriptions, starred articles etc. The exported format aren't quite human readable though. They are meant to be imported by other RSS reader programs.

So other than the above mechanical way of preserving your data, please go to Google Reader and we have the following suggestions on your migration
  • For starred items, re-share it to other social sites like Google+, Facebook or Twitter etc.
  • For items shared by you, re-share it to other social sites like Google+, Facebook or Twitter etc.
Anyway give NewsSquares a try and happy reading!

The announcement from Google:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Concerning Google Reader

Hey we got your emails. Google Reader is closing down and many of us are sad to see her go. In a future update, we will introduce a new way for NewsSquares to store your preferences and readings. Some of the more Google Reader specific features may have to go, but our core NewsSquares experience will remain.

NewsSquares will continue to offer you the most stylish reading experience on Chrome. We will update you when the new changes arrive.

Monday, September 24, 2012

NewsSquares has been updated (1.4)

Thank you for using NewsSquares! It's been some time since the last update. In this update, a lot of pending bugs have been fixed.
  • New locales (French & Turkish) added
  • "Cannot mark item as read" bug is fixed
  • Glitch in keyboard shortcuts navigation is fixed
  • NewsSquares is now compatible with latest Chrome Web Store requirement
  • Improved link sharing to Google+, Twitter and Facebook
Please feel free to give us suggestions on improving NewsSquares. Just use our new feedback form in the Chrome Web Store. Enjoy!

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