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Monday, June 28, 2010

FeedSquares for Chrome is updated! (1.1.0)

You can post comments on your shared items in FeedSquares now. When you share an item, a comment box will appear and you can click "Add Your Comment" to add a comment.

The box will show comments posted by people you follow and yourself:

We have also added "Your Shared Items" and "Your Starred Items" to the wall. You can access them by a single click or with the keyboard shortcuts "g then shift+s" and "g then s" respectively.

Update (Version 1.1.1): You can customize whether to show the special squares such as Friend's Shared Items. The settings are available in the option page:

By default only the Friend's shared items are shown. You can add more squares for quick access. Hope you like it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

FeedSquares for Chrome is updated! (1.0.2)

FeedSquares now have built-in podcast support! When you view an article with attached podcast, we will notify you:

You can save the podcast by right clicking on "Original Link", then choose "Save Link As":

Even better, you can click "Play" and play the podcast directly in FeedSquare's built-in player!

You can hide the player and navigate to other feeds. The podcast will keep playing in the background. Very handy, isn't it?

Friday, June 11, 2010

FeedSquares for Chrome is updated! (1.0)

FeedSquares have reached 1.0, and we have keyboard shortcuts now! The keys used in FeedSquares are similar to Google Reader's built in shortcuts, you can see a complete list below:

  •  j/k: next/previous item
  • n/p: next/previous item
  • space: next item or page
  • shift+space: previous item or page
  • shift+n/p: next/previous subscription (will go through all feeds instead of feeds in current folder)
Item actions
  • s: star item
  • l: like item
  • t: tag item
  • shift+s: share item
  • shift+d: share item with note
  • v: view original
  • m: mark item as read/unread
  • shift+a: mark all as read
  • g then h: go home
  • g then a: go to all items
  • g then s: go to starred items
  • g then shift+s: go to shared items
  • g then shift+f: go to friends' shared items
  • g then shift+t: open trends page in a new tab
  • g then c: open comments page in a new tab 
  • g then d: open discovery page in a new tab 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FeedSquares for Chrome - Supercharge your Google Reader!

Want a refreshing way to use Google Reader? Check out FeedSquares for Chrome now and begin to read your favorite feeds in style! It's beautiful, it's easy to use, and Google agrees - we have just been picked by Google Chrome team as a top extension! If you are not using Google Chrome as your browser, come see one more reason why you should.

Google has definitely done a great job on Google Reader's default interface. But after sticking with the same interface for years, you might be itchy for something new. If you are a visual person, or you just love to see what "HTML5" can really do, or you just want to try new, beautiful things, you should check out FeedSquares!

FeedSquares fully synchronizes your subscriptions and items' read/star statuses from and to Google Reader. It gives you a visual, personalized lightweight listing of feed items with image previews. It also provides easy sharing to your Reader stream, twitter and such.

Make no mistake about it, despite the ease of use, we also provide a full arsenal for the feed warriors out there to battle their unread counts. Shortcut keys is coming up in the next version.

So, news and feed lovers of the world, please do give us comments and your feedback! And hope FeedSquares will be an enjoyable experience for you all. Here's a big download button for the Chrome version:

Download Links:
FeedSquares in Google Chrome Gallery (screenshots/link to download)