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Friday, June 11, 2010

FeedSquares for Chrome is updated! (1.0)

FeedSquares have reached 1.0, and we have keyboard shortcuts now! The keys used in FeedSquares are similar to Google Reader's built in shortcuts, you can see a complete list below:

  •  j/k: next/previous item
  • n/p: next/previous item
  • space: next item or page
  • shift+space: previous item or page
  • shift+n/p: next/previous subscription (will go through all feeds instead of feeds in current folder)
Item actions
  • s: star item
  • l: like item
  • t: tag item
  • shift+s: share item
  • shift+d: share item with note
  • v: view original
  • m: mark item as read/unread
  • shift+a: mark all as read
  • g then h: go home
  • g then a: go to all items
  • g then s: go to starred items
  • g then shift+s: go to shared items
  • g then shift+f: go to friends' shared items
  • g then shift+t: open trends page in a new tab
  • g then c: open comments page in a new tab 
  • g then d: open discovery page in a new tab 


  1. This is terrific. I've been using Feedly, which is another great app, though not visually nice or user-friendly as FeedSquares. A couple of suggestions:

    > Enable some sort of search engine that is implicitly regular-expression or typeahead friendly (sort of like Feedly's "gg" search command, which is even better than the feed search tool on Google Reader).

    > Allow an option so that the feed list can be set to scroll from the top as well as the bottom. (Now can only place this on bottom.) For me scrolling from the top is a little easier ergonomically.



  2. @jorge
    Thanks for your comments! We will think about search/sort features in our coming versions; the feed list position option should come soon too.

  3. We can share, share with note, star, like the feed, but can we send my email the feed to a specific friend ?

  4. I have just installed it and I am already impressed. Great job!!!!

  5. its a good site you should give it a go not on my say you got a brain yake a chance lol!!!

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  7. Please add full screen reading mode. The fonts are too small to read while the navigation thumbs below are too big and can't be hidden when reading. Whenever I zoom in, it looks really shitty for I can barely read anything I want to read. Please add some new functions so as to allow FULL SCREEN VIEWING. After all, it is the content of feeds that matters, rather than the fancy arrays of icons.

  8. it's absolutely rich in visual and friendly design.
    there's one downside though, it's not as easily to share content dinamically on social websites. (I mean, select a part of text and right click and send to facebook)
    Other than that, I've been using it as a default ever since I discovered it :) THumbs up !!!