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Thursday, June 17, 2010

FeedSquares for Chrome is updated! (1.0.2)

FeedSquares now have built-in podcast support! When you view an article with attached podcast, we will notify you:

You can save the podcast by right clicking on "Original Link", then choose "Save Link As":

Even better, you can click "Play" and play the podcast directly in FeedSquare's built-in player!

You can hide the player and navigate to other feeds. The podcast will keep playing in the background. Very handy, isn't it?


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  2. Hey - not sure where to put this comment, so I'll leave it here. As a suggestion, is there a way to disable the images for the squares, leaving all as squares? I ticked the option "Disable image previews on feed items" but it didn't change it, so I'm not sure if I'm ticking the wrong option, or it's a feature that would be useful to have added.


  3. @Katy: Sorry, the option "Disable image previews on feed items" only disables the images when you open the feed but not the thumbs of the wall.

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