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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FeedSquares for Chrome is updated! (1.1.7)

With the latest version, we have made several major bug fixes. In addition, you can now:

  • Add comments to Friends' Shared Items
  • Read your Stared or Shared items even you have selected "Show Unread Items Only" in options
We will be making a big move for feed lovers out there before Christmas. Stay tuned and thanks for the support so far!


  1. hope there is no recommended items on board.

  2. I just discovered FeedSquares today, and it has totally rekindled my love affair with rss. Staying up on twitter feeds can bit a bit daunting, but rss delivery can be so clunky, stale and antiquated. For some reason this provides the aesthetic incentive that I didn't even know I needed. Well done!

  3. I loving FeedSquares, especially at work so I can more easily leave my NSFW feeds until I get home; the only drawback I've noticed so far is that the viewing window doesn't resize for wider pictures, so there are some feeds I would normally be able to read in the viewer but while using FeedSquares I have to click the link to go to the website. It's a minor issue that I don't mind having to work around at the moment, but seeing an adjustment made in the future would be great.

  4. Great...Let's take the test drive...

  5. Great extension! You should make possible to share posts with That would be great!

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