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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NewsSquares for Chrome - Come and Try!

Hello fans of FeedSquares! Today we proudly introduce NewsSquares, our latest incarnation of news reader for Google Chrome! It's our latest creation that caters to the news and blog reading needs of casuals and power users alike. It has everything that FeedSquares offers, with a bunch of new features and every part as beautiful. Come and try it out!

Everyone who wishes to get updated with news and blogs will find NewsSquares helpful. NewsSquares syncs with your Google Reader like FeedSquares does, but it doesn't require existing Reader subscriptions to work. So if you have friends and family members who likes to read from the web but never tried Google Reader before, do us a favor and ask them to check out this beauty! You can click here to go to our Chrome Web App page. Enjoy!

Yay! Show me the App Now!



  1. This looks cool, I installed it, I see it in Extensions, but I can't get it to pull up, where is the icon like FeedSquares?.

  2. I like where you've gone with the extension/app. Now, you should redo the voice for this demo. It's painful to listen to. Nothing better than a REAL human voice.

  3. I have install the app and it certainly has potential, although some bugs are still there. When I pull up the screen a pop up screen, related to the 'add' function show up. Whatever I do, it does not go away.
    Initially, I could see the boxes, but now they stay away. Can I do anything to remove this bug or should you do that?

  4. This app is really nice and a great first version! Some things could be improved and tweaked. I will contact you with some feedback after I have used it longer.

  5. I read many photoblog-post containing 1000px wide photos. If I want to view the entire pics, I have to modify newssqaures.html, but every update I have to redo the change.
    Could you provide to set wider post window??? or make width settable in option panel???

  6. @all Thanks for all the feedback! @Chris The latest web apps are accessed from the new tab page. I know, I miss the extension icon too. @surfboywanab fixed! @fons Should be fixed in latest version @francesco Ok, will add in next version.

  7. If I accidentally disabled the app and it disappeared from my new tap page how do I get it back ?

  8. @Frederik Felding: Please go to chrome://extensions then find 'NewsSquares' and click enable.