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Sunday, December 12, 2010

NewsSquares has been Updated! (1.1.0)

In this new version we have reworked the rendering to resolve a graphics issue that crashes the Chrome browser. Please notice that at the time of writing Chrome Dev is still a bit unstable so any intensive HTML5 graphics may still crashes in certain specific machines and settings. Please mail us at rocketinbottle AT gmail DOT com with your OS and version if your NS still crashes. Thank you for your contribution to the beta test!

If you have tried to disable notifications via NewsSquares' notification window - it won't work properly (sorry Chrome bug! haha). Please go to our options page to disable notifications instead. If in some cases NewsSquares get disabled instead, please go to "chrome://extensions" then find "NewsSquares" and click "Enable". It should be back on the new tab page. It's kind of funny, we know, but please forgive Google - Chrome's App functionality is new!

You can actually manage your subscriptions in a one screen interface. Just click on the manage button in the Add dialog. :P

Thanks again. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you! One suggestion I have is to be able to scroll through all items as one group (not by individual feed). The thing I like about Google Reader is that it shows all my items from all feeds and I can just scroll down and it automatically marks them as read as I go by. I love your interface, but I don't like having to click each item to display it. Amazing work though, keep it up!

  2. This is wonderful! Thanks for your hard work! I found the app is hunger on CPU. I'm using Mac OSX with Chrome and found CPU usage is over 50% when News Square is active. Please see if there's way to minimize CPU usage as I can't watch youtube movie embed in RSS feeds smoothly in News Square. Anyway, News Square with 1080p screen in full screen mode is amazing! I love it!

  3. Great stuff!
    But let me point out a little bug here: When the main view is scrolled aside, and the a thread view is opened, and then an article is selected, the selected article in the bottom scroll pane moves to the left. The further the main view is scrolled, the further the article moves..
    I actually found nothing else that disturbed my fussy eye - what is good :)

    A little suggestion for the next updates: make the number of lines adjusting to the screen height (even on very high screens).

    Anyway, Great Work! Thank you!
    In opposite to feedsquares this is at least usable on my netbook :D

  4. NewsSquares is certainly beautiful. Very impressive application.
    I'm having issues with how it displays on my 10 inch Toshiba netbook, and with how the touchpad works.
    The bottom row of options does not display: it is hidden by the task-bar and can't be scrolled up far enough to make it visible above the taskbar.
    I've found the commands on the left hand side ("mark all as read", "options") do not always highlight when I float the cursor over them - usually when these commands are near the left edge of my screen.
    The vertical scroll feature along the right-hand edge of my touchpad works for horizontal scrolling of the squares; there doesn't appear to be any use for the horizontal scroll region of the touchpad. However, when I enable touchpad in Options, I find this scrolling (the vertical region of the pad allowing horizontal scrolling of the squares) is disabled. I don't see what is enabled when I enable touchpad.

  5. Hi guys,

    I've got a problem. I intalled New Squares on my Chrome browser. I saw a pop up and I clicked on option to "deactivate"... the problem is, now, I can't see the app in my app list but it's still installed... no way to get it back...
    Any solution ?


  6. @everyone Thanks for the feedback! We are working on a new version to address your suggestions.

    @Maxime Yeah sorry it's a known Chrome bug recently. Try install AppJump which kind of helps you organize Chrome Apps and seems to be unaffected by that bug. Thanks!

  7. What about being able to change the font size?

  8. Hi, please press ctrl+ at to increase the font size at the moment.

  9. hi, I would like to have a different color for the selected category, to make it more visible!!!


  10. Can you add the ability to sort each feed by oldest first? Its how I prefer to read my stories.


  11. -WORD!
    Make it so you can make your own backround or customize ur own feed page? PLEASE! THANKS!!

    That would be so aawsome! : )

  12. This is a great app, the only suggestion I would make is to add in the ability to load the next/previous 50 items in a feed without having to go to google reader to read them. I have feeds that update very fast, and i often end up with 150+ new items to read in that particular feed when I wake up.