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Monday, July 11, 2011

Beta Testers Wanted! Publish5 - Fast & Simple DIY Mobile Publishing

Hello users of FeedSquares and NewsSquares (and friends)! We need your help!

We are working on a cool new product called, which allows ANYONE to publish mobile apps for their content with SUPER-EASY DIY. Do you have a blog, or a Twitter account, or a Youtube channel with active audiences? If so, please, click on the sign up button below and help us in the beta test. Or got friends and family that do? Please share this post with them!
Publish5 is a web app - all you need is a Chrome browser, and with it you can create Apps for Android devices, ChromeOS devices and Chrome browsers, plus iOS devices in future. It's gonna be fun so help spread our call for testers!

Signup here now!

Update to NewsSquares - Vertical Mode! We have released NewsSquares 1.3.0!  The latest version allows you to view your items vertically. You may go to Options page and enable "Show items vertically" now.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Call for NewsSquares Localization

We have released NewsSquares 1.2.0. If you prefer to mark items as read when you click through them in Big Squares, you can go to options and enable it now. Enjoy!

We are looking for help on localization of NewsSquares especially for the following locales Brazil (pt_BR), Japan (ja) and Mexico (es).

The localization is very simple. Please go to
There are two files that require localization, description.txt and message.json.

  • Select which locale you would help to translate, e.g. ja
  • To translate the description
    • Go to NewsSquares in the gallery, it contains the description of NewsSquares in English
    • Select the description.txt in the corresponding locale
    • Please do not translate the Keywords section
  • To translate the messages
    • Select the messages.json in 'en' locale as reference
    • Open the messages.json of the locale (in a new window for easy reference) you would like to help translating

  • After you select the file (description.txt or messages.json), click "edit file", then begin to edit the file directly inside the browser. For each message, please translate the "message" section, you can contribute partial translation

  • Finally click "Submit Patch" (you will need to login with a Google Account), a new issue will be created include a patch file
  • After we receive the issues, we will include the translation in NewsSquares
  • We will link to the translation credits in the gallery. Thank you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

NewsSquares (1.1.2) and FeedSquares (1.3.0) are updated!

New options in latest versions of NewsSquares & FeedSquares:

  • Want to view older articles first? You can now check the 'Show older items first' option.
  • If you have a very wide and very narrow screen, you may change the width of the item view for better viewing pleasure.
NewsSquares only:
  • Notifications are disabled for new users by default. It seems many users have disabled NewsSquares accidentally by clicking disable when the notifications pop up. To enable NewsSquares again, please go to chrome://extensions, find NewsSquares and click 'Enable'.