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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Concerning Google Reader

Hey we got your emails. Google Reader is closing down and many of us are sad to see her go. In a future update, we will introduce a new way for NewsSquares to store your preferences and readings. Some of the more Google Reader specific features may have to go, but our core NewsSquares experience will remain.

NewsSquares will continue to offer you the most stylish reading experience on Chrome. We will update you when the new changes arrive.


  1. So NewsSquares will be the new feed reader independent of Google Reader?

  2. Can Anyone tell me how can I remove this blog from watched in NewSquares? How can I remove anything at all? I can't see the right button for this. There's only "Add" button to add new subscriptions. Where can I remove subscriptions i'm no longer interest with?

    1. You can delete subscriptions while in NewsSquares. Click on the feed box and to the left of the window oval boxes appear. Click unsubscribe and you're done. The only one you can't unsubscribe is the NewsSquares' one.

      Or go to Google Reader and look at your Subscriptions. You can delete subscriptions while there too.

      You can get rid of the squares for Friends, Starred, and Shared items from Google Reader by going to options while in NewsSquares and scrolling to the bottom of the window.

  3. i like feedsquares better than NewsSquares it is more beautiful

  4. Glad to see something will happen. I just started using this and kinda like it.

  5. Hi guys - Any progress? I know we still have 2 months of 'sunset', but I like to plan ahead!