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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update on FeedSquares and Google Reader

Many users should already know that Google Reader will not be available after 1 July 2013. Due to this change, FeedSquares will no longer be available after 1 July 2013 as well.

Please consider to use our Chrome Web App NewsSquares. Though it currently syncs with Google Reader as well, an update will be made to NewsSquares in the near future. Some Google Reader specific features may have to go, but our core NewsSquares experience will remain.

For those who prefer a light and visual way to read feed and share them. NewsSquares will be your choice. If you prefer more intensive reading, with FULL existing Google Reader features, we believe there are many alternatives on the market.

If you migrate to NewsSquares now (before 1 June 2013, but we will recommend you do it much earlier) your subscriptions will be immediately available to NewsSquares. No automatic migration is possible after 1 June.

Note that, however, we cannot preserve all of your data from Google Reader, like your starred items, sharing history, notes etc. So we would strongly suggest you to use Google Takeout to export your data, e.g. subscriptions, starred articles etc. The exported format aren't quite human readable though. They are meant to be imported by other RSS reader programs.

So other than the above mechanical way of preserving your data, please go to Google Reader and we have the following suggestions on your migration
  • For starred items, re-share it to other social sites like Google+, Facebook or Twitter etc.
  • For items shared by you, re-share it to other social sites like Google+, Facebook or Twitter etc.
Anyway give NewsSquares a try and happy reading!

The announcement from Google:


  1. I like NewsSquares, although it's difficult to read on my little netbook (the tags are hidden behind the squares and can't be accessed, due to the small size of the screen). Any suggestions?

  2. Tired of waiting. Bye

  3. Isn't it possible that Feed Square gets connected to Feedly considering Feedly is moving on to its own syncing server and has opened links for other apps/services??