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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

About import and OPML file

An OPML file contains the URLs of the feeds in your subscriptions. Most feed readers will allow export and import of OPML file.

For Google Reader, please go to Google Takeout to export all Google Reader Data. The downloaded files contain your subscriptions in an OPML file (subscriptions.xml), which can be imported to many popular feed readers. For other reader applications, please check out their export settings on how to export your subscriptions to an OPML file.

Export your data via Google Takeout

When your OPML file is ready, please go to NewsSquares Options page. Click on the the import page link, then select the file and your subscriptions will be loaded. Please select the feeds you would like to import into NewsSquares. We suggest that you only keep your most frequently visited feeds for NewsSquares.

If you are importing before July 1st and have a Google Reader Account, please use "Import from Google Reader" or "Migrate from Previous Version" to import your subscriptions directly. There is no need to use the OPML method. Yet we still advise you to use Google Takeout to export your Reader data as backup. Hope it helps.


  1. hello

    i am trying to import a Subscriptions opml file but cant downlaod ?

    thank you for help

  2. Please use the link ( to download your Google Reader subscription while it still works because Google suggested everyone to download their data before July 1st.