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FQ for Chrome

FeedSquares for Chrome provides a refreshing way to experience Google Reader on Chrome and read your favorite feeds in style. To begin using FQ, please first login to your Google Reader Account.

After you login, your very own wall of feed squares will spring into view. Each square represent a feed from your Google Reader Subscriptions. Simply scroll horizontally (or mouse wheel) to view all your subscriptions. To give your better grasp of what's latest for that feed, you will notice that some thumbs will show up gradually.

The top is a list showing the folders you have assigned for your feeds. Click on a label to see feeds inside that category.

To begin reading a feed, simply tap any square and enter the feed view.

Roll over your mouse to start viewing the list of horizontal items from you feed, just click on it to open the item view and view its content. You can star and share the item here as well.

Customizing FeedSquares

If you favor a darker background, just click on Night to get a darker theme. Click on options to open FQ's options page. You can further adjust how frequent you want to update your feed data. For notebook users who uses trackpad, please enable the trackpad mode.

FeedSquares on Android

Are you an android user? You may want to check FeedSquares on Android as well! It's FREE!